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Outlook is a platform that focuses on providing just the enhanced mailing services and thus it is preferred widely for mail transfer. It ensures that user get enhanced mailing applications. It is integral mail platform for millions of users worldwide. It has survived since so many years with hard prevailing competition. This is because it keeps on bringing latest updates in its mail applications and features for its users.

Even when everything on Outlook is so enhanced, it make sure that users does not face any issues using Outlook but if users still face issues using Outlook, they may obtain easy help from Outlook customer service number uk.


Even when Outlook is one of the most secured mail platforms that care for user’s security, users must take all necessary actions to maintain their own security. This is because online world is full of online threats and the easiest way for hackers to gain access to your account is through your password.

Hackers may often try to access your Outlook password to hack your account. Just by changing your password frequently you can preserve your account from any of the online hacking issue. If you need any more suggestion to maintain your Outlook account security, you can obtain help from Outlook contact number.

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Changing Outlook password

Changing Outlook password is quite an easy task but sometimes users are not aware about the right steps of changing Outlook password and thus they face issues changing their Outlook password. So, here are the correct steps to change Outlook password:

1. Get to your Outlook account with your Outlook account id and password.

2. Now get to your profile picture and from here select Account settings from the drop down menu.


3. This will redirect you to account setting page where you need to select security and password option.

4. Here you need to choose the option of change Outlook password.

5. Once you select this option you will be redirected to a page which will ask you to enter your old password and new password.


6. You need to enter your old password once and new password twice to confirm.

7. Now click on save option.

8. Then finally press ok.

This will help change your Outlook password, now the next time you sign into your Outlook account you must use your new password. With these steps, it is easy to change Outlook password so as to maintain Outlook account security.


For security purposes, it is advised to change Outlook password in fixed interval. In case, users still face any issues changing their Outlook account password, they can immediately obtain easy help from Outlook helpline number uk.

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