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Hotmail is a useful mail platform for many users worldwide. It is because of the useful mail oriented application that it enables which makes it a widely chosen mail network across the globe.

Unlike other mail platform that is available today, Hotmail makes to be a platform which brings in only specific mail applications. Everything on Hotmail is enhanced and latest and thus it is has managed to survive since last many years.


Outlook which is now known as Hotmail also maintains to be user friendly such that users may not face any issues using it and in case of issue, it is possible to obtain easy help with Hotmail support number.

It is obvious that Hotmail is not the only mail platform which is used by users for mailing purposes. Many a times it is hard to manage more than one mail account.

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Hotmail understands this very well and thus brings in a useful way to combine all the mail inboxes altogether. This helps users a lot as it will save both your time and efforts that you would have waste closing one mail account to open another to scroll down all the new mail message that you receive on daily basis.


Using other email inbox in Hotmail is definitely very easy but in case user face issues, contact Hotmail helpline number for easy help.

For benefits of users, Hotmail brings in the “All Mail” folder feature for users. This is one of the biggest features of Hotmail that surrounds with amazing feature and facilities.


This folder can effectively combine all the inbox of all your email accounts. It is allows you to peep in and out-of-the-box right by opening one mail.

This can be said as a universal inbox of Hotmail which comes with a simple fix to access multiple inboxes of multiple accounts.


This is Hotmail’s customization feature which can be done by following steps:

1. Open the Hotmail.

2. Click on the Folder tab.

3. Select New Search Folder.

4. Now select create a custom Search Folder option appearing at the bottom.

5. Now click “Choose” under Customize Search Folder

6. Here type “All Mail” in the name field.

7. Click Browse.

8. Check the boxes of the folders that you wish to include.

9. Now Search subfolders box at the bottom.

10. Click OK to confirm.

11. Clicking Yes to finally confirm.

12. Press OK to exit.

To use this app, you just need to enable the settings once. After this, you will never miss any essential mail in any of your mail inbox in any account. This is easy to use but in case of issues, easy help can be obtained with Hotmail contact number.


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